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August 19, 2021

Teyana Taylor - Bare Wit (Lyrics) Bare with through heartbreak
Wit - Teyana Taylor Lyrics

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🎵 Bare Wit - Teyana Taylor Lyrics:
00:00 Oh, oh
00:03 We can't give a nigga the trust
00:08 Oh, yeah, oh, oh, no (ayy, ayy)
00:13 Yeah, oh (ayy, ayy)
00:23 We been telling niggas lies
00:26 Tryna split up all the time
00:27 With two or three guys
00:30 Cause We can't make up the mind
00:32 We know I'm so indecisive
00:34 And We know that you don't like it
00:36 And I'd never let the guard down
00:38 But you steady tryna wife it (oh no)
00:41 Don't you see that We got baggage
00:44 heart's way too hard to manage (oh no)
00:49 We can't give a nigga the trust
00:51 Said you working to change that
00:57 You gotta bare with me
01:02 Oh, bare with me, oh
01:05 Baby just, oh just
01:10 Bare with (bare with me, bare with me)
01:13 You gotta bare with (bare with me, bare with me)
01:19 Oh, bare with me, yeah, yeah (bare with me, bare with me)
01:28 Oh, yeah, oh, oh, no
01:34 Yeah, oh (baby, just)
01:43 Niggas, niggas, niggas
01:46 Wrapped around her finger
01:47 We don't think We get it
01:48 If you was in the picture
01:50 Maybe We would listen
01:51 Times We wish We didn't
01:52 Memory started
01:54 Bare with through heartbreak
01:55 Bare with through long days
02:00 Nigga, nigga, niggas
02:02 Wrapped around her finger
02:03 We don't think We get it

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