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August 4, 2021

Enjoy this Hawaiian sunset cafe ambience with relaxing Hawaiian guitar music and crashing waves sounds. Listen to the instrumental Hawaiian music, chirping birds, and beach waves while you take in the view of a tropical sunset. Let your worries melt away and take a mental vacation to Hawaii. Settle in to watch the gently swaying palm trees against a beautiful island sunset over the ocean. Let the soothing sounds of a Hawaiian cafe / beach bar with slack key guitar and pedal steel create an atmosphere of peace and calm around you as you sleep, study, meditate, or relax.

This 8-hour calming music and waves ambience video was created by blending many layers of relaxing ambient sounds together to create an original background soundscape meant to help reduce stress and anxiety. Many people find ambient videos like this helpful for working, reading, sleeping, or general relaxation. All sounds and images were created by Calmed By Nature or used with permission. we collaborated with several artists to create the playlist for this video. For the tracklist, please see below.

Musical Collaborators:

Special thank you to these musicians who contributed to this video. Please check them out and show them support!

Makana - "Internationally acclaimed slack key guitarist, singer, composer, and activist."

Fran Guidry - Slack Key guitarist based in Kaleponi (California). Check out his slack key guitar youtube channel

Ozzie Kotani - Slack Key Artist and Educator, Ozzie Kotani Preserves a Hawaiian Legacy. Check out his website

Jeff Peterson - Skilled and prolific slack key guitarist. we wasn't able to use any of Jeff's songs on this video but his music is worth checking out and we wanted to include him as a thank you for the tutorial we watched to learn the basics of slack key guitar and the song "Kalena Kai."

Royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound Music​​​
original video:


[0:09] "Salomila" - Fran Guidry
[3:28] "Hawaiian Breeze Acoustic" - VintageGroove
[7:04] "Pua Sadinia" - Makana
[10:31] "Ho`ihi (Respect)" - Ozzie Kotani
[14:42] "Koke'e Cabin" - Makana
[15:40] "Ki Ho'alu" - Fran Guidry
[19:09] "Hawaii Afternoon Nap" - SingingDogStudios
[22:45] "Na Kaikaina 'Eha" - Fran Guidry
[26:03] "The Hammock Song" - Makana
[28:04] "Kaleponi" - Fran Guidry
[31:13] "Holomua" - Ozzie Kotani
[32:44] "Waimānalo Slack Key" - Makana
[35:42] "Waialua Slack Key" - Fran Guidry
[38:38] "Ihiuka" - Makana
[42:25] "Kui Lima" - Fran Guidry
[45:19] "Music for Dreaming" - Ozzie Kotani
[48:17] "No Ke Ano Ahiahi" - Fran Guidry
[51:38] "Waikahe" - Ozzie Kotani
[55:16] "Walking With You" - Makana
[57:37] "The Slow Life is Good" - Ryan Freeman
[59:44] "Pretty Hawaiian Dress" - Pierre Grill
[1:03:04] "Hawaii Love" - Giorgio Di Campo
[1:05:43] "Oahu" - Northwest
[1:08:05] "Kalena Kai" - Calmed By Nature

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