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April 27, 2022

🔊 Emma Castellino & JVDN - meet again (Lyrics) AUGUSTKID Remix

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Lyrics for "Emma Castellino & JVDN - meet again

I′m tired to love you through a phone
Though We love your voice don't get wrong
I didn′t expect to catch feelings with the distance
And now all we can do is wait for the right moment

I never knew it would hurt like this
Never knew I'd fall quite like this
Yeah, We thought it would fade away
But I'm falling deeper every day
Maybe we should put an end
Or maybe it′s the worst thing to do
I′m kind of lost here
But who knows?

Maybe we'll meet again
Maybe we′ll meet again
But baby We don't know when
Until then, let′s hopе we'll meet again

FaceTimе at 3 am
In the bed
We′re wondering
When I'll be holding
Your waistline
And cuddling
And hoping that it never ends
But can we handle the distance yea
This love is a risk
And We won't know how to fix it
But We don′t wanna listen
To all of these doubts in the head

I never knew it would hurt like this
I never knew that We could fall like this for you
So We don′t know what to do
You know We loved that day when we cross paths
Don't wanna throw this away but it might crash
And it might end
But who knows

Maybe we′ll meet again
Maybe we'll meet again
But baby We don′t know when
Until then, let's hope we′ll meet again
Let's hope we'll meet, yeah
Let′s hope we′ll meet again
I hoped we'd meet again