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October 9, 2021

Tone Stith - We Don’t Wanna (Lyrics)
Song: We Don’t Wanna - Tone Stith Lyrics
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🎵 We Don’t Wanna - Tone Stith Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
I need you to get dressed and ride off
Audemars on the wrist, you know the time now
Thinking 'bout all the ways We wanna touch you
Wanna rub you
Let find out your lovin’, baby
I got a lot on the mind (Yeah)
Need you right here to unwind (Yeah)
Me and you got too much chemistry, almost like we the same zodiac sign, yeah, ayy
You've been on top and the stars they align, yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, yeah, oh, oh

I don't wanna wait, mm-mm
I don’t wanna wait
You should be closer
Won't you come over, uh
Oh yeah (Uh)
I don't wanna wait, oh, oh-oh (Uh)
I don't wanna wait (Uh)
You should be closer
Come on over
What's the hold up?
Mm, yeah (Oh)

[Verse 2]
Ain't got all night, come get it
Fast forward to the part with the crеdits
I'ma make you say the name like We dirеct it
Skip all the intros like your favorite show on Netflix (Huh)
We made it sexin', yeah, yeah
Feel like a wet dream, yeah, yeah
Come out the Balmains, yeah, yeah
Hit you with that long thing, yeah, yeah (Oh)
Patient, We can be for you
It’s been about a day or two
How long We gotta wait for you, ooh?

I don’t wanna wait (Ooh), mm-mm (Ooh woah, oh)
I don't wanna wait (Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah)
You should be closer (Closer, babe)
Won’t you come over, uh (Come over, babe)
Oh yeah (Oh, ooh, ooh)
I don't wanna wait, oh, oh-oh (I don't, babe)
I don't wanna wait (I, I, I)
You should be closer (Oh, oh-ooh woah, oh-oh)
Come on over (Yeah)
What’s the hold up?
Mm, yeah

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