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May 23, 2022

🔊 Namic - Another You (Lyrics) ft. Anna-Sophia Henry

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🎵 Namic

🎵 Anna-Sophia Henry

for "Namic - Another You (feat. Anna-Sophia Henry)"

I’d rather not 
Go back to that moment
Cuz I’m out with the friends and 
Tryna to run from the lonely thoughts

I’d rather not 
Deep dive in the feelings 
I need to breathe for a minute 
I wanna forget who you are

I’d rather not waste a night
I could dance with someone new 
I could talk the whole night through 
I could find another you 

Think We forgot 
This world is a snake’s bed
I’ve never felt quite at home here 
I’m only safe when We think of you 

And We forgot you’re a one of a kind love 
You’re a once in a life love
They don’t make them like they used to

(But still) 
I’d rather not 
Waste a night 
I could dance with someone new
I could talk the whole night
I might find another you