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August 24, 2021

Bryson Tiller - We Both Know (Lyrics) We can only be alone with you
We Both Know - Bryson Tiller Lyrics

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🎵 We Both Know - Bryson Tiller Lyrics:
00:00 MUSIC
00:14 I'm not your, your man, baby
00:20 No, We can't do what a man should be doing for you
00:24 Trying the best to pull through for you, yeah, yeah
00:28 Listen, few years we been at it, so much static
00:34 We been calling you sporadically
00:36 Same old shit, pack your bags, come lay back with me, ay
00:41 Last time that we fucked, that shit was cinematic
00:45 We don't expect for you to settle for me
00:48 But We hate it when you say to me
00:49 You're done playing games with me
00:52 Done tryna wait for me, still check for me
00:56 You can't get away from me, yeah, yeah
01:01 Go tell them you still love me, yeah
01:05 Don't know it but you're stuck with me, yeah
01:15 You say I'm talking like We don't wanna wife
01:17 We just wanna fuck, you damn right
01:20 Treat you like a queen and like that's just for me, you damn right
01:24 Girl, you damn right, yeah, right
01:27 Pull up, at the party with the juice
01:30 Looked at like, "Damn boy, you brought everything but the truth"
01:34 Girl, you used to be cool, that's why We started fucking with you
01:38 Baby, it feel like the real thing, we used to love without no rules
01:41 True, tell when did you get so confused?
01:46 Who told you We belong to you?
01:48 We can only be alone with you
01:51 Never on the road with you
01:53 Fuck you like you're mine, that's what I'm supposed to do
01:56 Yeah, just like you're mine
02:00 You encourage to do what's right, do what's right
02:04 Yeah, you say that shit and turn around
02:07 Hit the line, say, "Come by," fuck on you one more time
02:11 We both know this ain't one more time
02:16 We both know, ay
02:29 Oh girl, oh baby, baby
02:36 True

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